Cristian Baldi

Story of my Website

This Website changed a lot during its development. In a few months I switched styles, technologies, content. Here are some videos and details about each major version.

First Version - August 2014

This first version was awful but at the time it looked amazing to me. I spent many hours on it but the problems where everywhere: a lot of text, nothing interesting and really bad styling overall. But it was a start (and it was responsive).

I also installed a blog powered by WordPress for this first version. I made the theme from scratch and even that theme looked quite good to me but not as good as the main website.

Here's a video about the first version of the Blog

What I used for the first version

  • HTML5
  • Sass
  • FontAwesome
  • Wordpress

Second Version - January 2015

In the time between the first and this version I learnt a lot of things and overall improved my web-related skills. I decided it was time to remake the website, from scratch. The one I had at the time was not something I was proud of and it didn't look so good now.

I tried to make it look more fresh and clean: I decided to drop most of the text and instead add 3 lists that told what I was capable of doing. But still it wasn't perfect! The lists were a bit "off" and I didn't like the last block with links to other stuff. It was also lacking a blog.

What I used for the second version

  • HTML5
  • Sass +
  • SVG Icons

Third Version - March 2015

This is the current version of the Website, right now it looks good to me. But every now and then I find a few things to tweak and fix. I replaced the list with a showcase of the projects I worked on. I think that (at least on my website) what I worked on is more important than what I know. I also spent a few time focusing on typhograpy.

I rebuilt the Blog from scratch this time using Jekyll. For a simple blog it is easier,faster and better than Wordpress. I also integrated a preview of my latest post in the Home Page!

Here's a video about the current version of the Blog

What I used for the third version

  • HTML5
  • Sass +
  • Jekyll + Github Pages

What it's missing

  • A Resume
  • A Contact Form