Web Developer

Web Designer

This is me!

That's me!

I am Cristian Baldi and this is my Website

I am a 19 years old boy from Italy

I am studying Computer Science and I want to be a Web Developer and Web Designer

I enjoy listening to music, playing games, joking and, of course, Programming

My Work

An automated account for Android-related forums which helps users by generating direct links to apps requested by name. Made with Python and used everyday by many users.
My Website
Of course my website! I developed it in my free time while learning a lot of stuff.
A plugin for Flask, a popular Python Web Framework, which adds a fully customizable blog to any Flask-based website.
A bot for Telegram, a worldwide used messaging app. The bot ships with a few simple plugins and leave to its users the ability to write custom plugins.
A pastebin clone made with MongoDB, ExpressJS, AngularJS and Node.js.
A Web Application made with a Node.js backend that allows two users to play TicTacToe together, remotely.

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