Cristian Baldi

Python, DevOps, Web Development


Python DevOps Engineer
  • Developed a tool to deploy Python applications in the CERN Control Centre
  • Maintained and extended development tools and services for Python developers
  • Implemented a solution for tracking Python usage inside the organization
  • Supported users and developers on mailing lists and chat channels
Frontend Web Developer
  • Designed and implemented public websites focusing on SEO and best practices
  • Developed interactive and responsive progressive web applications using Vue.js
  • Maintained and expanded existing Laravel projects as requested by clients
Open Source Fullstack Web Developer
  • Designed and developed a server-side rendered progressive web app with Vue.js
  • Developed a backend service to interface with various APIs using Flask
  • Implemented unit and end-to-end tests for the web app
  • Containerized the web app and the backend service for usage with Docker
Fullstack Developer and Open Source Contributor
  • Planned the product and the architecture with other developers and sysadmins
  • Developed themes and extensions for the Mediawiki platform
  • Maintained and improved forks of existing open source projects


Master's Degree in Computer Science
  • Thesis: Deployment of Python Applications in the CERN Control Centre
  • Final grade: 110/110 cum laude
  • Electives: Advance Machine Learning, Data Analytics, Large Scale Data Management, Data & Text Mining, Probabilistic Models, Cloud Computing, Software Architecture
Bachelor's Degree in Computer Science
  • Thesis: Reinforcement Learning for Global Optimization
  • Final grade: 110/110 cum laude


Python 3
  • Libraries Flask, Pandas, Matplotlib, Pytest, Requests
  • Other Virtual Environments, Package Management
  • System Administration Ubuntu, Debian, Arch Linux
  • General Tools Docker, Ansible, Bash Scripting
  • Best Practices Testing, CI/CD, Docs
  • Version Control Git, Git Flow, GitLab, GitLab CI
Web Development
  • HTML5 & CSS3 Pug, Sass
  • Vue.js Vuex, Server Side Rendering, Vuetify
  • JavaScript ES6 & Node.js, Axios, jQuery
  • PHP7 Laravel, Lumen, Mediawiki, Wordpress
  • Databases SQL, MongoDB
  • BigData Elasticsearch, Kibana, Kafka, Faust
  • Other languages Typescript, Java
  • Machine Learning Supervised & Reinforcement

Personal Projects

  • HMM Text Corrector Python, NumPy, Flask
    Text corrector based on Hidden Markov Models with novel ideas to improve performance and accuracy.
  • album-splitter Python, BeautifulSoup, ffmpeg
    A script to automatically split a single-file Mp3 album into its tracks; Supports scraping metadata from Wikipedia.
  • Nikoro - a Telegram Chatbot Framework Node.js
    A framework for developing plugin-based chatbots, focusing on ease of use for plugins developers.
  • PlayStoreLinks_bot Python, Beautiful Soup, Unit Testing
    A bot for an online forum handling from 50 to 100 requests daily for more than 5 years.


  • Speaker at Milano Digital Week How do computers learn? March 2019
  • Speaker at unixMib Hitchhiker's Guide to Web Development March 2019
  • Mentor for Google Summer of Code KDE e.V Summer 2016
  • Mentor for Google Code-In KDE e.V. Winter 2015 & 2016